jHtmlArea function images not showing

https://gyazo.com/dce3106e076462160e7b3e13246b8f0b The functions are working well but the function images are not showing.... May i know a solution to this? Thanks in advance! I've attached of th...

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jHTML Toolbar icons conflict with Bootstrap styles

When using jHtmlArea in a site that uses Bootstrap, there is a conflict between the toolbar classes and bootstrap's definition of .h1, .h2, etc. This causes the buttons to take more than one line ...

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Move to GitHub

GitHub seems to be a de-facto standard for open source projects now and it is more contributors-friendly.

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Create bower package

bower now is more preferred way to redistribute web libs rather than NuGet I found some project https://github.com/krampstudio/jhtmlarea but it is abandoned

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Adding capability to resize

I added the resize: both to the textarea but the editor does not resize. I think you need to add a resize event to the textarea and adjust the editor's size, too.

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Custom Button Image Does Not Display

I have tried to add a custom button image to my project, and while the rest of the toolbar works fine, the custom image does not display. I believe the problem may be that the toolbar image is dis...

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HtmlArea Are Not Getting Focus

I am using the htmlArea inside a jqx tab control. The problem which i am facing is, i cannot edit anything in the htmlArea. It happens only i wrap it in another control. Rest of the area is fine, i...

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Unwanted Image delete when i touching backspace in IE8

Hi... I'm korean and do not write english well. please understand me first, I insert image in htmlarea and next i write any word. When I write wrong word, delete it use backspace key and delete key...

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How to disable or Readonly jHtmlArea?

please suggest any one hw cn disable jHtml area as I tried to disabled textbox using jquery but it doesn't works, please let me knw any solution on this. Thank u

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jHtmlArea removes end tags in Firefox 31

I was using jQuery-te as my WYSIWYG editor and tried jHtmlArea because the former removes end tags from the HTML markup that I enter. It looks like jHtmlArea is doing the same thing. I enter an <...

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